Guest Room Management Systems

Today, talk about hotel automation means dealing with an evolving and highly advanced system, where the latest developments in the technology field are involved to make hotels most comfortable, safe and reliable.
Ave’s hotel automation expresses all these ideas and expands them in the broadest sense of the term. The Ave’s system allows to increase the comfort for guests, thesafety of buildings and – not least – to make your hotel more organized and optimized both at management and energy level.

DOMINA Hotel agrees a greater efficiency, which has as direct consequence lower costs for owners and greater benefits for customers. Therefore, choosing DOMINA Hotel means relying on an advanced system, on a human scale which – thanks to its scalability – can be expanded to adhere to the needs of those who live there: hotelier, staff and guests.

One System for all your needs
Hotel automation opens the door to endless possible applications. The integrated functions of Ave’s hotel management software are thought to adhere to the needs of any hotels. The same software has been designed in three different versions in order to adapt in any situation where is installed. Small, medium and large hotels can now count on an advanced scalable supervision tool that allows an intuitive control of the building and its rooms. In case of hotel’s enlargement or integration of new features, it will be readily increased through the adoption of new software. DOMINA Hotel will respond to any need.
DOMINA Hotel is available with a “stand-alone” solution, which does not include the supervision of of the rooms from the reception, or in the “network” solution, where each room can be monitored by the central computer of the reception, allowing you to reduce inefficiencies and optimize the management of energy consumption, thus achieving significant savings.
Safety First
Ave’s products for hotel management adopt the contactless MIFARE® technology. This means that the cards used to access are completely safe and unclonable, ensuring you and your customers the certainty that no one will harm you.