Building Automation

For Building Automation, to be truly effective, you need seamless integration. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate almost anything.
Our highly skilled engineers have unrivalled expertise in custom software design and networking. Crucially, we work to the specific objectives and requirements of each client – and always ensure we have a thorough understanding of your needs before designing and developing any solution. Our aim is then to bring your entire BMS back to one common graphical supervisor system wherever possible.

Lighting Control

Take advantage of the benefits of demand-driven and innovative lighting control systems and lower your energy costs for good. Using WAGO lighting control solutions, you put light masterfully into the limelight from simple switching and dimming, via daylight-dependent lighting control to complex constant light controls of the lighting system - via a centralized or decentralized system; it's up to you!

Heating Ventillation and Cooling

By automating your HVAC systems with WAGO products you not only lower energy consumption, but reduce operating costs as well. WAGO offers you exactly the products you need to do this: from simple temperature regulation up to comprehensive control for HVAC systems – from regulation of heating and cooling, up through distribution and all the way up to individual room control.